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Keep – Donate – Sell – Repeat

A natural part of moving from one home to another is taking an overall look at all that you have and deciding whether or not it all comes with you. So unless you are a nomad, this is a major … Continue reading

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Sisters Hearts

So the hunched over crawl space walk is in the past. In fact, a lot more of this “leaving memory lane” is behind us than at my last blogging.    We have sorted, donated, stopped to laugh, kept going, organized, … Continue reading

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The Crawl Space Crawl

This weekend is momentous because we are planning to clear out the crawl space. Some people don’t know what a crawl space is. All I can tell you, since this is my childhood home from the age of 1, is … Continue reading

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The Story of a Teacup

Perspective is crucial if there is any hope for optimism. This is the gist of the message I heard former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice implore to my heart as I sat in a conference last week. So, my pal … Continue reading

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Foregone Conclusion

To start things off with a foregone conclusion seems backwards, no? I agree. So what is our conclusion as this blog begins and why is it foregone? Not sure. It’s just what landed on this screen. My fingers typed it. … Continue reading

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