This journey began when my mom had a massive stroke – June 10, 2011, to be exact. As a family, we started posting updates to Caring Bridge, data points on her emergent healthy issues. This was important for family and friends but became a haven for my heart as I realized writing thoughts out was a way for me to understand how I felt about them.

So we stopped posting on Caring Bridge for two reasons:

 1) My mom is at a more stable point in her recovery. This is such good news! To my mind, Caring Bridge is more a site for regular, crisis-oriented updates for the purpose of asking for prayer and keeping a lot of people in the loop on quickly changing information.

2) This blog might be a continuation of those Caring Bridge postings but just not as data-oriented…more heart-oriented, if you will. My attempt at processing the change and coming to terms with it. Leaving Memory Lane; a Journey at the Intersection of Legacy and Living.  

With a heart full of gratitude to you for reading and commiserating in your own way…


Here’s picture of my mom on her 71st birthday:

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