Stories Worth Telling

Stories matter – mine does, yours do. But we all have different ways of telling our stories. From apple picking to Zamboni driving, we weave our tapestries in unique ways from one another – thank the Good Lord. How boring this place would be without the variety!


I most acutely became acquainted with the tale being woven in me when my mom had her stroke. There was just so much about her that I felt deeply needed to be talked about. It was almost an unavoidable action for me – I had so much in my heart. So my heart would just burn with a thought or concept regarding “leaving memory lane” until I wrote about it and posted it here. And what lovely watchers and readers you have been. Oh my.

You know when you find a necklace at the bottom of a suitcase and it seems hopelessly tangled?

tangled necklace

Naturally, you set to work pulling the necklase up close for a better view of the mangled mess. You can kind of make out what parts of the chain need to be loosened so that another part of the chain can be pulled through to freedom, to a straight line, to being untangled. This has been the joy of writing for me.

And it just so happened that 2 women in my life with whom I have for years shared intentional, substantial friendship were doing the same thing; trying to untangle their own necklaces that were the crises of the welcome and unwelcome variety.

We write very differently but we write for a unified purpose; to express that Jesus is the light of the world, the church and certainly in our feeble, little hearts…even and most especially when it doesn’t make sense.

This brings me to our new project:

The mission statement is simple:

“We believe that in the midst of all things – joy, difficulty and even tragedy – the story of life encountering faith is one worth telling.”

I think you’ll see that it’s possible to sharpen one another – you and Holly and Megan and I – if we decide that authenticity is better than perfection and heart level conversations about God at work in the world are better than legislated morality or religious rule-keeping.

So jog on over and subscribe! We’ll be writing (in pencil),  vlogging, and showing off some beautiful art. It would be an honor to have you check it out! And by all means, join the conversation – we’re talking about things of substance to ALL of us.

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