Foregone Conclusion

To start things off with a foregone conclusion seems backwards, no? I agree.

So what is our conclusion as this blog begins and why is it foregone? Not sure. It’s just what landed on this screen. My fingers typed it. A biological imperative. Maybe that part’s a reach, I’ll cop to that. Of all the things I do not know, I know for sure that the path to starting this blog started on June 10, 2011. My mom and best friend had a massive stroke. This was traumatic. But so was the decline of that idyllic family portrait I had created in my head. Traumatic.

Now, as we head out of crisis since her and my father’s health have ceased to be alarming to us, their house needs to be emptied, sorted through, and sold.

A foregone conclusion to most. Imminent since the stroke to many.

But not to me. Not to my sisters and brother.

4815 Kenyon Court was ~

  • 4-square in the driveway
  • tennis against the garage door
  • ridiculous snow shoveling dread
  • stockings hung on the moss rock mantle
  • family crafted art glass everywhere
  • warm summers eating on the deck
  • vaulted ceilings, obtuse angles, modern
  • cold winters putting on more warm layers
  • long summer days working for slave wages in the yard
  • playing office for hours with carbon paper message minders
  • sunday night spinach soup surprise
  • a black lab afraid of linoleom
  • two or more (children) cuddled up in the insulated dog house
  • hearts tournaments on Turkey Day
  • big vitamins little throats could barely swallow
  • toilet paper in the trees
  • old, dependable cars
  • long road trips concluding with the warm sense of “home again”

This list makes the foregone conclusion of the house being sold seem laughable. Why? We will never associate the walls of Kenyon Court with a real estate decision. It is, simply put, a house we have loved and memories we have locked deeply into our hearts.

A house and its memories and the two have clasped hands.

Saying good-bye to a home and its’ legacy. Leaving memory lane, in essence. What did it mean to us? In my heart, it’s a foregone conclusion that this blog exists so I can navigate the path toward healing, living and celebrating legacy. Maybe by reading you can vicariously help me sort through it all – one drawer at a time.

Thanks. A little company as I leave memory lane sounds nice.

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10 Responses to Foregone Conclusion

  1. many of your memories of Kenyon court are mine as well! it’s ok to move forward…it’s a good thing for your folks to simplify and for you and your siblings to allow them to do so. love you so much!

  2. Herb and Sarah Watts says:

    Okay, you are an amazing writer! I’m looking forward to reading your blog as I’ve gone through similar times of having to say goodbye to special places, especially those that are legacies. Praying for you and your precious family- especially your mom, whose own words brought me comfort at the First Pres MOPS, reminding me to cherish the time with my little ones. Please give her a hug for me. Love to all of you!
    Sarah Watts

  3. Roselyn Harrell says:

    Having had to deal with this too, won’t make it easier for your family, but I know your pain and pray for you all to have the strength to endure thru this time.
    Love, Roselyn

  4. Melinda Peterson Eagle (Mindy) says:


  5. Christina! I found this on facebook – I’m so glad you’re processing through writing and letting the rest of us in on it! I’ve always felt that for those of us who’ve had the privilege of growing up in one home, the home becomes another family member as it changes over the years to meet the needs of a growing family and then a shrinking family as kids leave. Long term homes seem to reinvent themselves just as we do. Saying goodbye to a place that houses so many memories is gut wrenching because so much magic happened within those walls and this next era seems daunting, but I will be praying that you know just as much of God’s grace and love in this next stage as you did in the last. All my love to all of you!

  6. Laura Jean Hawley says:

    I would do anything for any of you. You have touched my life in more ways than you can imagine. Can I add a memory? Our family was upset and needed Dr B the friend to talk to and Barbara too. We sat in the kitchen at the long counter…had coffee..talked and cried. Left with hearts feeling better and advice from 2 people we love so much. Laura Jean

  7. Cari says:

    A beautiful beginning my friend. I look forward to following along.

  8. kitty says:

    I thank you for posting such intimate memories.I know you don’t remember me but I remember you and your mommy and daddy and brother and sisters. We all went to school together your daddy was mine and my sisters doc! And my mom knew your mom and I remember her too shes such a beautiful soul ~I always would say ~Wow … I wonder what it would be like to have them as my parents~ I’m sure you already know how lucky you are .I know right now you may not be feeling very lucky but trust me you are you see my daddy wasn’t the best and everytime I saw yours he seemed so… warm and gental and your mom the same although I thank god for my mom ~she’s in heaven now~ I always wished that my mom could have have had that kindda realasionship like your mom and dads.okay I’m gonna let you go but I just thought that you should know that you Are Lucky. And ~i~ will always remember your mom

  9. Wow! Christina, you are a fabulous writer. Your last post in July of 2012, sounds like me for the last 35 years of my life! It’s a constant struggle, huh! Between keeping your spirits up, looking for the treasures in life, feeling as if there is no nourishment for your soul easily available, reminding yourself constantly that God is right their by your side always, waiting and yearning for you to call on him and just rest in him! Busy, busy, busy, all the have toos and others needs and your own needs and the heartbreaking love you feel for those close to you that are hurting. Juggling the kids, praying that you aren’t ruining them! I get it, and you write it with fantastic clarity. Bless you!

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